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For hundreds of years the cobblestone barrier, surrounding the English village Wall, had kept the citizens within safe from and unaware of the supernatural forces just outside it's perimeter. That is until, Tristan Thorne promises the fairest girl in the village, Victoria, that he will travel across the Wall to bestow a fallen star for her love. In crossing the wall Tristan will venture deep into Stormhold, where he discovers the fallen star he sought was in fact a beautiful girl named Yvaine. Yvaine is also being pursued by the King of Stormhold's sons, who want to use her cosmic powers to lay claim to the throne of Stormhold. In addition to these three witches, who long for eternal youth and beauty, want to hunt her down. As Tristan and Yvaine make their way through Stormhold, back to the entrance in the wall, they encounter a series of spectacular characters and creatures that will lead them to a fate neither imagined. 

The Stages of a Hero's Journey in Stardust 

Stage 1: Departure; when Tristan makes the promise to Victoria, that he will find and bring back the fallen star to prove his love for her. 

Stage 2: Initiation; when Tristan crosses the wall in to Stormhold, the threshold into a new world.

Stage 3: The Road of Trails; Tristan is given supernatural aid by the becoming friends with Yvaine, and being helped by the flying ship pirates and Yvaine's sisters the stars. 

Stage 4: The Innermost Cave; Tristan and Yvaine venture with the pirates' thunder hunting ship, to escape the witches. Tristan learns to fight and realizes that Yvaine is his true love. After finding out that Yvaine can not cross the Wall, Tristan races to save Yvaine and the fate of Stormhold. 

Stage 5: Return and Reintegration with Society; Tristan saves Yvaine, kills the witches and claims the throne of Stormhold, as their KIng. 

The Situation Archetypes in Stardust 

The Quest- Tristan is to venture to a new world in search of the fallen star, to bring back and better his life in the village of Wall. 

The Initiation- Tristan, through the quest, realizes his true love and gains a new awareness with the help of the pirates.

The Battle Between Good and Evil- The witches fighting against Tristan and the Stars. 

The Character Archetypes of Stardust

The Hero- Tristan is the hero of the story. Saving the star from the evil witches, selfish princes and returning the princess to her to her rightful place. 

The Friendly Beast- The pirates are feared by many, however they help Yvaine and Tristan run from the witches, taking them in as one of their own, teaching them how to fight and providing them with thunder. 

The Devil Figure- The witches strive for the hearts of stars to gain beauty and youth. The witches chase Tristan and Yvaine obsessed and stopping at nothing.

The Scapegoat- The princes' of Stormhold, through the movie, strive to find their father's heirloom to claim the thrown. Their deaths determine Tristan's fate as king of Stormhold. 

The Temptress- Victoria is what Tristan believed he wanted in the beginning of the movie. Tristan's misguided affection was wasted on Victoria's selfish, uncaring ways. 

The Damsel in Distress- Yvaine is the 'star' being chased by the three witches and the princes' of Stormhold. Tristan saves and protects Yvaine through out the movie. 

The Symbolic Archetypes of Stardust

Green- The colour of the witches magic, representing death, evil and envy. The witches want the heart of the star to be young and beautiful like they once were, the witches are envious of the star and young gorgeous woman. 

White- The colour of Tristan's coat through the movie. Symbolizing purity, peace, innocence and goodness. Tristan, at the end of the movie, wants to help the star and win the heart of his true love. 

White- Is the colour of Yvaine's dress in the beginning of the movie. Representing peace and innocence, before falling from the sky she was at peace, blissfully unaware that she was missing anything from her life.  

Blue- Where as at the end of the movie Yvaine has a blue dress on. Symbolizing devotion and truth, because she had discovered her true love. 

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